About Space Curve

Space Curve is the next generation big data platform

Space Curve offers a real-time analytics platform uniquely optimized for analyzing complex entity relationships in space and time, all on a commodity cluster environment.

The company’s technology is based on a new class of distributable algorithms and data structures purpose-built to parallelize geospatial indexing and graph analysis. A system architecture designed for real-time data ingest supports indexing of complex data such as geospatial polygons at machine-generated data rates. Complex geospatial geometry models are fully geodetic, supporting precision spatial analysis that accounts for the curvature of the earth. Space Curve is the next generation big data platform.

Petabyte-scale geospatial indexing

Space Curve allows you to build seamless geospatial databases for real-time applications. The technology relies on commodity clusters to index and query geodetic polygons and operators in a way that enables linear scaling at millions of polygons per second. For organizations tracking massive amounts of GST activity, Space Curve’s hosted distributed database delivers real-time GST analytics for massive data sets. The technology uses a novel partitioning algorithm to index and retrieve geospatial/temporal (GST) data in real time on a scale not currently available.

Space Curve meets the challenges of big data with technologies developed on some of the world’s fastest growing datasets from Google, the National Security Administration and NASA. Today Space Curve’s technologies are being used by mobile operators, data aggregators, mobile device manufacturers and others.