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Index geospatial data quickly and with scale. Space Curve effortlessly indexes geospatial polygon data in real-time using Internet-scale compute clusters. Efficiently analyze social and semantic graphs on massively parallel systems. Space Curve solves petabyte-scale geodesic indexing and enables tracking millions of objects in real time.
New York Times kills Von Neumann architecture with big data.

The New York Times weighed in on big data today, contending that processor-centric computing models must change to accommodate big data’s performance requirements. The author’s perspective doesn’t take into account...

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Meet Space Curve at Supercomputing 2011 in Seattle.

How can petabyte-scale geodesic indexing improve HPC analytics? If you’re attending SC’11 Nov. 12-18, we’d like to meet with you. Let’s discuss your data volume, speed and...

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The next generation big data platform.

Space Curve offers a real-time analytics platform uniquely optimized for analyzing complex entity relationships in space and time, all on a commodity cluster environment.

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